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Sung Jae and Joy Bbyu Couple

I've just finished watching the last episode of Bbyu Couple. And I am damn sad now. I think I'm crying more than Joy. I love this couple sooo so much. I feel so heartbroken for them, especially when Joy cried. Their love felt really real. But it's so sad because once their virtual marriage ends, they can't meet as much anymore. They're idols, and they can't hang out together in public, even if they wanted to. And that's why I feel so bad. I truly believe they really felt love for each other. Just look at how Joy broke down and cried in his arms when he was singing 안아줘 (Hug Me). They were just starting to really feel comfortable with each other, open up more, and understand each other more. And it all suddenly ends. Wtf production crew?!  What's wrong with y'all? This couple is the bomb, man. I think they contributed to lots of viewership.

I started watching this couple because I was over at Shermaine's house to study, and she cooked soba noodles…

My first line ever!

Today's 26 April 2017. It's 1 day after my birthday.

Yesterday, I went to the Tanglin set to act as an extra (JC student/ customer) at Tanglin Coffee House. I had to wear and bring a total of 5 different set of clothes D: The reporting time was 8am but I was late, again. (I know... Bad habit... Need to change) I underestimated how slow public transport is zzz. I did add a 10 min buffer time to the Google Maps estimation, but I left house 10 min late, which meant no buffer, and I was late for about 25 min. Seems like a 30 min buffer is needed? What's more, it was at Infinite Studios, a location I've never been to. And it's damn ulu I had to walk for 15 min to get there from the bus stop.

When I reached, I saw Mei Na, and she told me there's actually a shuttle bus from one-north MRT station Exit B. =.= Well, at least I'll know next time. Mei Na told laoshi i.e. Director Lim that it was my birthday.

I had to go try on the school uniform. But as fat as I am, th…

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju 역도요정 김복주 second post

Just finished watching the last ep of the drama. And I cried a ton during the last 2 eps. Ep 15 was understandable. I was heartbroken for Joon Hyung. It was so sweet all the time, and the last 2 eps were really touching. The last ep wasn't sad, but I was just really touched at everything. Their love for each other, and their graduation. I just cried throughout. I'm not sure if I find it really touching, or I am just very stressed, and I want to vent my frustrations through crying. But I really really love this show. I love this couple. I love Joon Hyung's family. I love Joon Hyung. I love Bok Joo. :)

I wonder if this is why I like watching romantic dramas so much? I also hope to have a relationship like this. Innocent love, and just being there for each other, and playing around with each other, and all the hugs and kisses. I love them. I found them so cute together. In fact, different from the dramas, I enjoyed Bok Joo and Joon Hyung's playful kisses even more. Because…

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 역도요정 김복주

I'm currently in the midst of watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 역도요정 김복주 because my monkey is wreaking havoc. Will explain about the monkey in another post. I cried in Ep 7 cos Bok Joo is so pitiful! :( It's her first love, but because she's a weightlifting athlete, and just so happens she had a crush on a doctor who helps people with obesity, and just so happens her coaches and her dad who's a former weightlifter want her to increase her weight so she can up her weight class in competitions, she can't tell even her friends about her problems. :'( I feel her. 委屈的感觉。She doesn't deserve such harsh punishments...

At the same time, I like this drama because I kind of see some similarities between her and me. Never liked someone before. Nobody confessed to her before. Haha. So when she goes through her first love, I think I can understand. :')

Anyway, Nam Joo Hyuk is really good looking. Knew that since watching Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, but yeah…

Goblin 도깨비 / Guardian: The Great and Lonely God 쓸쓸하고 찬란하神 - 도깨비

Hey, gonna post about this drama. The OSTs are really comfortable to listen to too. Somehow, tvN dramas feel really comfortable. Wanted to post on Facebook, but I'm weird. I'm possessive of the things I really like, so I don't really want a lot of people to go crazy over it like for DOTS.

I never watch a drama twice, unless I happen to see it on TV. But I think I will have to make an exception for 도깨비. I hope Writer Kim will end it well! Because DOTS was by her hand, and the storyline towards the end didn't move very well, and only hung it there with the lines. I haven't watched it yet, but I'm guessing there were many cute and sweet scenes but no real advance in the plot.

Kim Go Eun is the actress I'll look up to. She's not beautiful by popular standards, single eyelids and all, but that proves even more that her acting skills are great. Especially that scene when she was hopping across the road in Quebec, Canada which made Kim Shin realise that he fell…